Gelo – ign: gcNx

Personal Information

Status: Accepted
Role: Wizard
Facebook : View Profile
Gender: Male
Location: Manila, Philippines
Previous Guild: n/a

Woe Resume

Why do you want to join Daedalus?
Looking for more stable and better guild. A guild that is not toxic, more friendly, and has a sense of leadership; and camaraderie all the time.
Are you willing to contribute to this guild?
How many hours do you play in a day?
Average 4 hours. Depending on the day
Other than RO, what games do you play regularly?
None, other than Ragnarok.. But I'm an ex-professional FPS gamer -- SF, CS, AVA, CF, AF ^_^
Describe your character's role in WoE:
Disable / MS - def type Wiz

Screenshots Submitted

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  1. Edmark

    Saw in WoE, tagging as accepted