Welcome to Daedalus Guild

Learn, Practice, Dominate
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We are Now Recruiting in RoPH

Our recruitment is open in pRO Loki. Looking for  Status AS Hunters, MS Wizards at least level 85 with proper stats and WoE gears.

Why Join Our Guild

Level Up Faster and Dominate the Game

Our core members are pioneer players of the original Ragnarok PH Server (Chaos, Sarah, Loki). We can share our battle tested build and strategies in WoE, PVP and MVP.  

Free Forging and Brewing Service

We have our very own ranked forger and brewer(soon to be ranked) at your disposal! Just bring  the required materials and contact our forging and brewing team.


Meet New Friends Online and Offline

Our guild is composed of diversed background.  You can meet new friends by participating on our  regular mini-guild eb’s and online events.

Contact Us

For individual players who wants to join our guild, please check our recruitment pageFor other Inquiries, please fill-up the form below.