How to Apply

Make sure to read everything on this page if you really want to be a part of Daedalus.




1) Please be reminded that the leaders and members of Daedalus do not ask for any of your items and/or gaming account as a requirement or test to join the guild.

2) To apply, you’ll be provided with questions below. They must be answered completely and sincerely to be accepted.

3) Your character will be observed for its build. We may ask you to change and/or add some equips depending on your current build.

4) Responsibilities:

  • Contributes to the guild. Whether it be through guild leveling, guild farming, or role change.
  • Accepts constructive criticism from the guild’s leader.
  • Logs in to our guild’s Discord server every time available.
  • Free from schedule for every WoE time.
  • Has own supply for WoE other than what we provide for the key roles.

5) By applying to Daedalus, you swear that you have broken ties with any other guild. Once we learn that you have not, you will be removed from the guild immediately.

6) After applying, it could take a while before an admin replies to you, so we suggest that you send the link of your application to our fan page.

Fillup the Form Below

An admin will review your application upon submission


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    Submitted screenshots will only visible to admins. Make sure to provide you screenshot for faster application process.